Root canal treatments

This is one of the most common dental procedures next to tooth fillings and removals. During the so-called root canal treatment we are dealing with the tooth inner canal system and the tooth crown’s chamber part (pulpa=pulp), the dentist removes the inflamed or even dead, diseased tissue and fill it with a filling material which is close to the natural one.

When might you need a root canal treatment?

  • In case you sense a pulsating feeling on your tooth or hurts for protracted period of  time after having any cold or hot symptoms
  • In case toothache wakes you up at night with the pain hardly dissipating.
  • A tooth trauma (eg.: accidents which caused breaking off)
  • When the rate of the decay is too high that during the cleaning it reaches the pulp or it spontaneously opens
  • Preparation of bridges and crowns, especially in case of high level axle adjustment
  • When the tooth can be held, but to build it up there is necessary to use an anker/post, the preparatory phase of this the so called root canal treatment, root canal filling
  • In case the tooth dies spontaneously and pus is excreted from  it, or in case of the face being swollen

How does a root canal treatment work?

  • In all cases, the doctor uses local anesthesia, in which the procedure is practically completely painless.
  • Through drilling the doctor cleans the infected area and uncover the area which is going to be treated.
  • Through the use of different types of needles, can be either hand, machine, or through the combined use of the two, the root canals are uncovered. The canals are then flushed several times with disinfecting fluids.
  • Using the help of  X-rays and other machines the right direction and depth are established.
  • After the sufficient amount of dilation and in most cases after thorough cleaning and drying, the doctor places medication into the root canals, and then temporarily closes the tooth.
  • the following appointment the medicine will be removed and the above mentioned process will be repeated.If after all the tooth is free of any pain and infection the doctor fills up the root canals with the final root filling material, furthermore taking care of the crown part, which can be:

With or without of the reinforcement of an anchor /post

What is required of the patient during a root canal treatment?

  • It is very important to follow the doctor’s orders!
  • In very rare cases where the tooth is not immediately medicated fillings, it is important to keep it the cavity clean by flushing and frequent brushing!
  • Always go to your appointments for treatment, even if the pain has already disappeared! You may avoid serious complications for yourself if the root canal treatment and the dental care are not completely finished!
  • As a dentist suggestion, the restoration of the tooth has to be completed in every case as also in the case of the superior root canal treatments the most common complication is the tooth breaking off.