We would like to thank and keep for your trust, so the dentures which were made by us undertake several years of guarantee and warranty. We are committed to working only with the highest-quality art-recognized source material (see the products description HERE), we strive to improve ourselves to provide you the highest expertise, furthermore there is an excellent, experienced dental team behind us to be able to provide quick and accurate restorations.

This process however, requires your cooperation as well.  The materials of the completed dental restorations are guaranteed only in case you attend the allocated control tests appointments as well as following all the necessary oral hygiene and oral health maintenance treatments. After the completion of the treatment you will receive a guarantee letter from us, which provides you the maximum justiciability for warranty claims:


The guarantee applies to the following interventions and their cost-free repair or replacement surgery within the warranty period. However, this does not apply for unexpected complications which may arise in such as allergic reactions, tooth necrosis, inflammation, periodontal diseases, etc… The oral care treatments and endodontic treatments fees are not covered by the warranty.

The warranty is void:

  • In case of inadequate oral hygiene.
  • Failure to attend the annual control test.
  • In case of gum and jaw bone deterioration
  • In case of prosthesis damage, improper usage (dropping, shock, stretching, accident etc…). Wilful damage.
  • If the patient fails to comply with the doctor’s oral maintenance instructions (oral hygiene, proper cleaning and storage, improper handling).
  • If the patient’s weight changes drastically
  • If the patient’s dental status changes due to other underlying diseases or intervention.
  • If the patient receives any treatments / repair carried out or surgeries (even it won’t involve the tooth replacement) by another dentist who isn’t work in our clinic.
  • After treatment, develops previously unknown allergies, dental diseases and their consequences
  • If you won’t prepare and use the night anti-squeaking rails despite of your dentist’s suggestion, – This causes excessive clamping teeth what cause the veneer bounce of the porcelain dissimulation
  • The warranty doesn’t cover travel, accommodation and other additional costs (parking fees, meals, absence from work etc…)
  • Attention! The temporary restorations are not a substitute for permanent tooth replacements, in case it was made locally, up to 6-8 weeks is the maximum the time of wearing. The temporary plastic dental prosthesis which was made by dental technology is wearable up to 3-6 months. The clinic does not assume any responsibility or warranty in case of any damage or discoloration occuring on the temporary replacements, or on the teeth and gum, etc …
Temporary restorations 3 Months
Filling 1 year
Precision fastener 1 year
Removable prosthesis 2 years
Inlay, Onlay2 years
Crowns, bridges, veneers 3 years
Implant 10 years